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Mini Lobster Season in Key West

Every year, the waters around Key West, Florida, come alive with activity during Mini Lobster Season. This two-day event, typically held on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July, offers a unique opportunity for lobster enthusiasts to experience the thrill of the catch before the regular lobster season kicks off August 6th. For 2024, the Mini Lobster Season will take place on July 24th and 25th. Mark your calendars and prepare for an adventure in the waters of Key West.

Safety Tips

1. Buddy System: Always dive with a partner. The buddy system enhances safety and ensures help is available in emergencies.

2. Check Equipment: Ensure all diving gear, including snorkels, masks, and fins, are in good working condition before heading out.

3. Stay Hydrated: The Florida sun can be intense. Keep hydrated and take regular breaks to avoid heat exhaustion.

4. Know Your Limits: Avoid diving in areas with strong currents or beyond your skill level.

5.Emergency Plan: Familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest medical facilities and carry a first aid kit.


1. Catch Limit: Each person is allowed to harvest up to six lobsters per day.

2. Size Restrictions: Lobsters must have a carapace length of at least 3 inches and must be measured in the water.

3. No Egg-Bearing Females: It is illegal to harvest lobsters with eggs visible under the tail.

4. Licensing: Ensure you have a valid Florida Saltwater Fishing License and a Lobster Permit or be on a vessal that pocess the proper licensing.

5. Restricted Areas: Certain areas, such as national parks and marine sanctuaries, are off-limits for lobster harvesting. Always check local regulations.

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At Lost Reef Adventures, we are dedicated to making your Mini Lobster Season experience in Key West both thrilling and hassle-free. Our dive shop offers a variety of charters tailored specifically for the Mini Lobster Season, ensuring you have the best chance to catch your limit. We take care of all the necessary licensing, so you can focus on the adventure. Join us at Lost Reef Adventures for an unforgettable lobstering experience in the waters of Key West. Book your spot today and let us handle the rest! Lost Reef also carries all the gear you need to catch your quota!


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