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Tips for Snorkeling in Key West

Snorkeling Key West is a must do activity while visiting. Here are some tips to make the snorkeling experience memorable and fun!

  1. Pick the right mask. Be sure to try your snorkeling mask on and before entering the water. Make sure it fits but not too tight! Adjust the strap accordingly. Immerse your head underwater to ensure there are no leaks. Here’s a trick to test if your mask fits properly: Hold your mask onto your face without using the straps and simply breathe in through your nose. If the mask stays in place that means you have a mask that properly fits to your face. If you have bad eyesight or perhaps you’re using corrective lenses or contact lenses, you can use a prescription-adjusted mask. Lost Reef Adventures offers this option. Please ask for details.
  • Seal the snorkel. Place your lips around the mouthpiece of the snorkel and make sure that your lips seal around it.  This will help ensure that water does not leak into the snorkel.

  • Defog your mask: Defogging your masking will minimize blocked vision. The easiest technique is just spit in mask and rub lens. We also have defogger on board as well.

  • Learn to clear your mask. Getting a little water in your mask? No problem. You can clear while still enjoying snorkeling. Just press the top of your mask to allow space in the bottom part of the mask. Then, exhale firmly through your nose to push the water out of your mask.

  • Learn to clear your snorkel. Having water in the tube where you breathe in and out can be really annoying. If this happens, blow a forceful exhale to blast the water out of the tube.

  • Relax! Slow down your swimming. Kick from the hip and glide. Fins will help propel you easier using less energy.

And always remember never take anything from the reef! Look but don’t touch is a good rule to follow. These tips should help snorkeling in Key West an awesome experience you’ll remember forever!


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